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Huge selection of Exotic handmade Turkish Chandeliers, Lamps, Ceiling Lights & Ceramics. Choose from our fast-selling colors or customize a unique combination.

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Innovative Design is Our Passion

We Strive to bring you the latest in designs, directly from our manufacturers. We give you the option and flexibility to choose the styles of globes and create your own chandelier patterns.

Unique Handicrafts Collection

Explore our vast range of gifts and accents- we have something to please everyone!

Leather Animal Decor

These handcrafted pieces of art are made with passion, imitating every wrinkle in the animals’ skin, closest to the original. Truly art at its best!

Turkish Lamps & Chandeliers

Stunning 16th century Turkish Mosaic art brought to your doorstep. You are sure to get blown away while you navigate through the wide array of colors and patterns.

Turkish Ceramics

This user-friendly style of pottery, also called Iznik cini is an age old traditional Turkish art that incorporates motifs like Tulips, Carnations, 3 spot, Rumi etc that having symbolic meanings and unique styles from 16th century onwards. 

Passionate About Elegance and Beauty In Design

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Explore our huge selection of Exotic handmade Turkish Chandeliers, Lamps, Ceiling Lights and Ceramics. Choose from our fast-selling colors or customize your own unique combination of Chandeliers and Floor lamps.

M Bradamore
M Bradamore
Amazing customer service and I'm so pleased with my two Turkish lamps! Thank you for your patience and I'll be back!
Joanne Kazimierczuk
Joanne Kazimierczuk
I drove by this store many times, today I finally took the time to go in. Beautiful handmade one of a kind turkish items. Beautiful lamps , bowls etc. I purchased a lamp for a Christmas gift. Its worth stopping in. Owner, lovely woman.
La Patissiere
La Patissiere
These guys have the most amazing collection of Moroccan lamps! I walked in and had to literally talk myself out of buying something in every color there! EVERYTHING is exquisite and their customer service is excellent! Definitely money spent well on products sold with such love and dedication. They're opening branches in multiple locations soon (always a sign of good things to come). I'll be sure to recommend them to friends and family, all the more especially because of their stellar customer service!
Beth Chant
Beth Chant
Breathtaking display of hand painted bowls of all sizes and price ranges.. very affordable. Lamps of all types with a multitude of colour combinations..stunning. There are sculptures and other interesting gift ideas as well. A friendly and welcoming owner. A pleasurable visit!
Devorah Fried
Devorah Fried
The lamps are stunning beyond words!!!!!!! I don't even know how to choose they are all so magnificent. I've seen this style once in someone's home and I couldn't get over how in love with it I was. Little did I know there was a whole store full right here in Ontario! Owner is lovely and the lamps and pottery are MAGNIFICENT.
erin mclaughlin
erin mclaughlin
Amazing customer service. One of a kind lights and beautiful decor for you home. All hand made and original

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