Decor Spectrum Inc.

is a Canadian importer of home and office decor products. We specialize in leather animal figurines, wall hangings and corporate gift items. The manufacturing process involves creating the animal structure in a steel frame which is then given its form in Paper Mache.

The products are covered in genuine goat /sheep skin leather and spray painted with vegetable dyes. The products are then air dried and professionally packaged. Skilled artisans spend many hours into structuring each item and every piece is individually handmade.

Its uniqueness lies in the fact that, although utmost care is taken to create identical products, no two pieces will ever be exactly identical. These leather figurines are rare conversation pieces and great one of a kind showpiece items or gift articles.


Our company is located in Toronto, Ontario, where the chances of finding such masterpieces are slim to none.

Decor Spectrum Inc. is working towards diversifying its range of decor products and apart from leather decor, will soon be launching a brand new range of Mirrors, Oil paintings, vases, candle holders and a lot more.